History of the chair

Navoi State Pedagogical Institute In 1998-1999 academic year, the candidate of history, jurisprudence and geography specialty was announced. On August 1, 1998, 27 students were admitted to the test, 20 of whom were enrolled in grants, and 7 students were trained on a contractual basis. In the 1999-2000 academic year, 20 students were enrolled in grants and 20 students were enrolled on a contractual basis. In the 2000-2001 academic year, the department of geography was included into the "Natural sciences and physical training faculty". At the beginning of the 2001-2002 academic year the Faculty of Natural Sciences was established and the Department of Geography was included into the department of "Natural sciences".

At the beginning of the academic year of 2002-2003, the Department of "Geography" was created and candidate of geographical sciences, docent Yu.B. Rakhmatov was appointed as the head of the department. In the beginning of September of 2011-2012 academic year Department of "Economic Theory" was merged with the Department of "Geography". The chair "Foundations of Geography and Economics" was created. Since September of 2012-2013 the department "Geography and methods of its teaching" has been created. Candidate of geographical sciences S.R. Shodiyev was appointed as the head. From February 2013-2014 academic year the senior teacher Yo.Buranov is leading. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the department was renamed as "Geography Teaching Methods".

The main tasks of the department are to train leading bachelors and masters of modern information technologies, teaching methodological and research works. At the present time, there are three associate professors, 5 senior teachers and 5 assistant teachers in geography. Since 2012, the department is responsible for the preparation of masters in the specialty 5A 110501 - Geography teaching methodology.


Bachelor's degree direction of the department:

5110500 - Geography teaching methodology  

The department is a magistracy specialty

5A 110501 - Methods of teaching natural and natural sciences (Geography)

Subjects taught at the department:

Bachelor degree

5110500-Geography teaching methodology in educational direction

Common location information.
Geography of soils.
Fundamentals of topography and cartography
Natural geography of the continents and oceans.
Central Asian Natural Geography
The natural geography of Uzbekistan
Fundamentals of material production.
Geography and Demography of the Population.
World economic and social geography
Economic and social geography of Central Asia
Economic and social geography of Uzbekistan.
The theory and methodology of geography teaching.
Innovative technologies in teaching Geography.
Geography of towns and villages (Selected science)
Natural Geographical Processes (Selected Science)
Ecology and nature protection
Geography of Navoi Region (Selection Science)
Geography of Central Asia - 5141600 - Methods of History Teaching, 5141300 - Uzbek Language and Literature, 5141400 - Kazakh Language and Literature, 5141500 - National Self - Determination and Fundamentals of Spirituality.



5A 110501-Geography Specialist Teaching Methods of Natural and Natural Sciences


Geomorphology and anthropogenic landscape

Fundamentals of Geoecology

Constructive Geography

Methods of teaching the subjects of specialization

Regional production facilities

Geographical forecasting (selection)

Actual problems of geography (selected Subject)


Professors and teachers of the department


Buranov Yorqinjon Rahmatullayevich, head of the department, senior lecturer.

Rakhmatov Yusupjon Babakulovich, docent.

Kalonov Bahriddin Hazratovich, Ph.D., associate professor

Shodiyev Sanjar Ruziqulovich, candidate of philosophical sciences, docent

Abdiyeva Zulhumor Aghzamovna, senior teacher.

O`rinov Bakhtiyor Sadullayevich, senior lecturer.

Kadirova Maxfuza Maxmudovna, Senior Lecturer

Norov Sherzod Shodmonovich, Senior Lecturer.

Muhammedova Nazokat Jo'rayevna, teacher.

Negmatov Samariddin Karshiboyevich, teacher

Joniyev Otabek Tohirovich, assistant teacher

Rasulova Sevara Abdunaimovna, assistant teacher

Hudayberdiyeva Iroda Aduhomidovna assistant teacher

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