About the Chair
Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, "Foreign Languages" faculty was founded in 1992. At the department conducts classes in English, German and French at 110 hours in I course, 72 hours in II course and 70 hours in III courses. At the department there are 30 professor-teachers, 9 of them are senior teachers. Teachers have published more than 100 teaching-methodical manuals. For the students of the non-partisan group of higher educational establishments in 2008, the textbook was written by O'.T.Turiyozov's "Le français", based on the new pedagogical technology.
There are 3 affiliates in the Foreign Languages ​​Department. English teacher Daminova N., teacher of department of French language Sidikov G, head of the German language department D.Kodirova. Besides, the following teachers of the department are: Khatamova Nazira Kiyomovna, Fayziyeva Sanobar Tuyevna, Toshpulatova Bolbuvi Normurodovna, Ashurova Mohira Khudoyberdiyevna, Erdanov Turgun Ablaqulovich, Aslonov Asatillo Ekromovich, Khalilov Akmal Sattorovich was awarded the breastplate "Honorary teacher of public education" by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Students who have won the first year Olympiad of the Institute have become eligible to participate in the 2nd Republican Olympiad On May 11-14, 2012, the 2nd year student of the French language A.Usmonov and won the honor of our institute. Its scientific director T.Erdonov was encouraged.
The winners of the grant from the Isitod Foundation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, from November 16 to December 6, 2009, Khatamova.N.Q. Malaysian Maro International University, Erdonov.TA 2009 May 16, 2009 - "Education Sector Development Program Project" at Myugelze Training Center in Berlin, the Federal Republic of Germany, in November 2011, the candidate of philological sciences S. Ismatov He has improved his qualification on new pedagogy at the University of Turin. The first teacher of the chair is the late teacher, docent O '. Turniyazov, later the senior teacher B.Toshpulatova and PhD in philology S.Ismatov heads. From November, 2014 till November, 2015 the department was headed by A.S. Khalilov's leadership. Since December, 2015 G.Yu. Sydykov is leading.
Subjects taught at the department:
Bachelor degree (for all directions of study)
English language
German language
Master's Degree (for all directions of study)
Practical Foreign Language (English, French, German)
Professors and teachers of the department
  1. Ashurova Mohira Xudoyberdiyevna
  2. Aslonov Asatillo Ikromovich
  3. Bozorova  Inobat  Ramazonovna
  4. Daminova  Nilufar Raxmatullayevna
  5. Erdanov Turg’un  Abloqulovich
  6. Ergasheva Chinnigul Yuldashevna
  7. Eshboyev Javlon Izzatullayevich
  8. Fayziyeva Sanobar To’yevna
  9. Hasanova Gulshan Hayitovna
  10. Ne’matova Nargiza Azimovna
  11. Pirmanova Gavhar  Nazarqulovna
  12. Qodirova Dilnoza Mamadiyorovna
  13. Safarova Musallam Axmatovna
  14. Saidova Surayyo Yorqulovna
  15. Samandarova Mukarram Buriyevna
  16. Shavdirova Risolat Karimovna
  17. Sherova Dilfuza Boltayevna
  18. Shukurov Nusratillo Narzullayevich
  19. Sidiqov G’iyosjon Yusufovich
  20. Sobirova Gulnoza Rahmatullayevna
  21. Supiyev Shavkat Axmatovich
  22. Suyunova Hilola Azamatovna
  23. Toshpo’latova Bolbuvi Normurodovna
  24. Toshpulatova Nargiza Samartdinovna
  25. Xoliqova Dildora Yadullayevna
  26. Xudoyorova Dildora Najmiddinovna
  27. Xudoyorova Rayxon Shamsiddinovna
  28. Yuldosheva Tanzila Siddiqovna                                                                                                                                                                                                         Scientific-methodical works                                                                                                                                                                                                              The teachers of the department N. Khatamova, N.Nematova J.Eshboyev, Sh.Supieva methodical manuals are published. Teaching-methodical complexes, working curriculums were developed for practical training on the basis of the standards established by the professor-teachers of the department. The monograph of senior teacher G. Pirmanova was published. For the students of the Institute R.Sh.Shavdirova, the senior teacher of English, has developed the "Learn English" methodical guide.          
    Spiritually-educational work    
    Shavdirova R.K., a teacher of spiritual and educational work and teachers of the chair held round tables on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Independence. On October 1, 2014 a group of teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the NDPU held an event titled "Respect for the Teacher", dedicated to the "Day of Teachers and Mentors". On January 7, 2015, at the BTU faculty, a festive event titled "Homeland is a sacred duty", "Our national army is our pride", on February 7, 2015, at the BTU faculty, a great thinker, statesman A.Navoi's 574 Celebration of Navoi celebration was held in the capital of Uzbekistan. An event titled "Assalom Navruz" was held in 2015 "The Year of Respect for the Elderly" and March 21 - "People's Navruz".
    "I LEARN ENGLISH" between Khatirchi district pedagogical and medical colleges, which is dedicated to the "Excellent study of foreign languages" by the senior teachers of the department of foreign languages ​​T.Erdanov, N.Xatamova, R.Shavdirova and N.Tursunova. was held. On May 4, 2015 the teachers of the department of foreign languages ​​between faculties R.Sh. Shavdirova, N, Xatamova, T. Erdandov, A.Aslonov, N.Toshpulatovas, May 9 "Remembrance and Honors Day" was held in 2015 in honor of the Year of Respect of Elderly people. "In this great country, Memory is holy "event.
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