About students' attendance at Navoi State Pedagogical Institute
During the academic year, the attendance and development of students in the Institute was taken into account, and in March-April of 2015-2016 academic year the number of students participating in training sessions was 98.8%. The issue of discipline is based on the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from October 28, 2005 № 230 and the order of the rector of the institute on November 7, -2016 academic year, parent meeting schedules were included in the agenda, and every three (3) month parent meetings were regularly reviewed. The students' study is closely monitored by the department of education, internal control and monitoring, and each student's study is analyzed in the curriculum at the end of the day.
The students' performance is based on the requirements of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education No 50, dated February 26, 2009, "On measures to increase student participation in higher education institutions". The order of the rector of the Institute from February 28, 2009 № 42 "About measures on increasing the number of students of the institute" was issued, and the faculty consists of 6 members on studying of students' the functions of Deans of the faculty and heads of the chair are assigned the following tasks:
- Continuous monitoring of the attendance and achievement of maximum attendance, performance and quality indicators;
- Meetings of faculty and chair are held regularly to discuss their attendance and acquaintance, and to record the results in the minutes of the faculties and chair meetings.
The students' study is systematically studied at faculties and specialized departments. In addition, the teaching staff has assigned staff responsible for monitoring students' attendance and attendance at each faculty. Each day, the staff of the faculty conducts their classes separately for each shift and summarizes the results of the monitoring.
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