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Particular attention is paid to the interior and exterior of the students' dormitory, decorated with portraits of various subjects created by the students of the "Fine Arts Orientation" in each floor and hallways The facade of the building was repaired in 2014. The whole part of the building was painted yellow. In the hot days of summer, the temperature of the rooms is 19-20oC, in the cold winter days - 24-26c. The cellar part of the student dormitory is clean and well-maintained and all rooms are bright and comfortable. Air handling mechanism. The student house has all the necessary conditions for technical, sanitary and fire safety, and is responsible for the problems and shortcomings of the students. The condition of the student dormitory building is at the required level and capital repairs are to be completed in 2014. The material base of the students' residence consists of 5 beds, 5 pants, 2 tables for students, 5 chairs, 2 dresses, carpets and curtains. Each floor has two kitchens , each kitchen is equipped with 4 electric stoves and two refrigerators. There are also 8 separate washing machines and 27 iron and ironing facilities. In order to provide technical and fire safety, the building is equipped with fire alarm equipment on all floors. There is a room for students in the campus, a library of information resources and computer rooms, and students have all the necessary conditions.
Each section of the housekeeping is equipped with washing rooms, hot and cold water, sanatoriums. There are refrigerators and electric stoves in the kitchen. All rooms are in demand.
The gas pipeline is not connected to the building and all electrical appliances in the kitchen are in operation and functional. The work has been under constant surveillance. Bina's exit doors are available and repaired. The basement and the roof are in a positive condition and have been restored and locked.
Entrance to the building is under control and the passport system has been introduced. Internal procedures - discipline and discipline are monitored by management.
Responsible persons have been assigned to the occupied territories to carry out cleaner work.
Along with the full participation of students in the field of farming and nation-wide hasharians, Saturdays are every Saturday.
Great attention is paid to cleanliness of the toilet and cleaned daily with special preparations. Safe water and waste disposal service are provided. All existing power supplies and components are in the same state.
In the wash rooms: Washing rooms in all rooms are equipped with hot and cold water, towels and garments, soap and other shelves. The state of the seafarers is in control of the working condition of wastewater discharges.
Swing rooms: Toilets have shower cabinets separated and loungers are equipped with lamps. There is daily control over sanitary purity and drought in the rooms.
The women's special hygiene room is available in every section of the student dormitory, equipped with appropriate equipment.
Kitchen Kitchen has all the necessary conditions for cooking and has been repaired. They are responsible for checking the condition and other aspects of the kitchen.
Availability of a Medical Department: There is a medical room in the student dormitory and is equipped with 24 types of first aid ambulances. It is equipped with medical boxes, places for patients, infectious diseases and posters on sanitary and hygienic matters.
In the building: - Availability of a cafeteria: A canteen of 400 (200 cottage, winter) for 200 students is served from 8 am to 6 pm in the morning. The entire kitchen was completely overhauled. The kitchen is equipped with kitchen utensils such as refrigerators, electrical appliances, and dishes, depending on the type of food. Food prices and sanitation are monitored. - There are rooms of "Spirituality and enlightenment" in the hostel of the Institute. The room of the "Spirituality and enlightenment" room is equipped with modern facilities, TVs, DVDs, demonstration equipment, newspapers and magazines, and popular literature are widely covered by the full text of the works of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the state symbols (flag, gerb and anthem). There are also exhibitions dedicated to the ideas of national independence, reflecting the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of our people. artistic and popular literature. More than 100 conferences, round tables, questions and answers were organized among students living in the hostels. The rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, such as soft furniture, aquarium fish, and telegraph. Sport rooms: There are gyms for students of the campus, and all conditions and facilities for mini-football, basketball, table tennis and volleyball are created for students to have fun after classes.
The students' rooms are equipped with carpets, curtains, bed linen, tablecloths for teaching, bedding (prosthesis, pillows, bed sheets and vh), personal cabinets. Besides, personal shoe covers are also available .Stations and logbooks, as well as locks of the doors, are in working condition.
Input-output control is strictly controlled and there is a list of all students. There is also a welcome guest book and a dedicated keys box.
At the student residence regular and regular holidays are organized by professors and lecturers, and the bookkeepers are fully booked. There is also a duty station consisting of plumbing and electric power stations in the field of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations. Guard traffickers are controlled by the management. Among the students living in the hostels there are various contests: "The Most Promoting Spirituality of the Year", "The Best Coach", "The Most Active Academic Group", "The Best Student Living Room" Best advices for everyday life Articles in a Science Audio and Video Video Photoreports Photo albums Photo albums Photo albums Video Photo Albums Guest book Where When? "Intellectual game," Best essay "," Best poetry "," Best literary reading "," Best national performance "," Days of the department "," Faculty days " "," Days of Culture of Countries Studied in the Language "," Parents' Day ". The students were in a relationship of mutual respect as "You" and spoke to each other as brothers and sisters. Also, day and night queues were organized on holidays. - In addition to the conditions in the campus, there are clubs such as sewing, cooking, computer, chess, drafts, and a beauty salon for students to make their leisure time more enjoyable.
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