On October 29, 2016, the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Architecture and Construction declared 458 AFO "On Approval of the Subjects of Graduation Studies and Appointment of Scientific Managers" by the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute. Graduation qualification work is a final stage of student learning at a bachelor of higher education. The main requirements for graduating qualification work in higher education institutions are the following five sections:
1. Goals and objectives of the graduation qualification work.
2. The subject of graduation qualifications. 
3. Guiding the graduation qualification work.
4. Completion of graduation qualification work.
5. Protection of graduation ualification.                                                                                                           
Graduation Purpose: - strengthening and expanding the theoretical and practical knowledge in education, creative work in solving certain scientific, technical, productive, economic, social and cultural problems, ending with the process of solving the problem (problem). to educate the sense of responsibility in making a decision on delivery; - ensuring the readiness of students to work independently in modern production, economics, technology and culture development. The subject of graduation work should reflect the current state of the problem and the prospective development of the economy, production, technology, social spheres, science, education and culture.
The subject of graduation qualification is determined by the specialist department and approved by the Academic Council or the Academic Council of the faculty and reviewed at the beginning of each academic year. The annual list of graduation qualifications will be announced before the commencement of the graduation or at the beginning of the graduation course.
Students are given the right to choose the subjects of graduation qualification in the order of their grading. The customer, who pays for the payment or contract payment for the student or student's study, may propose his / her choice on the subject of graduating qualification as necessary.
The topic of the graduation qualification work and the appointment of the head to the student are made by the order of the rector on the presentation of the department.
The head of the job, in accordance with the subject of the graduation study, entitles the student to complete the qualification work (including during the qualification stage). The form of the assignment is determined by the educational-methodical department of the institute.
At the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, 19 graduates of the bachelor's degree have been identified and supervisors are appointed. Leading professors and teachers of our institute have the leading positions in the management of QP. During the pedagogical practice, students have been using the latest teaching and learning technologies to introduce basic QPs in the teaching methodology, widely using their experiences, suggestions, and suggestions for collecting key sources of QP and PL. Developed guidelines, methodological guidelines and recommendations for graduating qualification in all areas of study. These methodological materials are presented to the students of the bachelor's degree course and are provided with a guide for research work.
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