The State certification of foreign language for the students of the 3 rd course will be held on the subject of "History of Uzbekistan" for Navoi State Pedagogical Institute students.
In the 2016-2017 academic year in the directions of bachelor degree the State certification of the following specialties is carried out.
The method of teaching mathematics in the field of education
Mathematics. (Mathematical Analysis, Algebra and Number Theory, Geometry) Mathematics Teaching Methods. (Mathematics Teaching Methods, Mathematical Examples and Methods of Solving Problems, Mathematics Techniques and Design)
Methods of teaching physics in the field of education
Common physics Theory and Methods of Physics and Astronomy Teaching                                          
Informatics teaching methodology in the field of education
Informatics and information technologies
Theory and methodology of teaching informatics and information technologies
The method of teaching chemistry in the direction of education
General chemistry. (Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, etc.)
Methods of chemistry teaching (Physics and Colloid Chemistry, Chemistry Teaching Methods)
The method of teaching biological education in the direction of education
General biology. (Botany, Zoology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics and Evolutionary Education, Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology, etc.)
Biology Teaching Methods. (Biology Teaching Methods, Innovative Technology in Teaching Biology)
Geography teaching methodology in the field of education
Natural Geography. Economic and social geography (Central Asian natural geography, Uzbekistan's natural geography, World economic and social geography, Central Asian economic and social geography, economic geography of Uzbekistan, population geography, etc.)
Geography teaching methodology. (Geography Teaching Methods, Innovative Technologies in Teaching Geography)
History of teaching methodology in the field of education
(World History, History of Uzbekistan)
History theory and methodology. (History theory and methodology, Innovative technologies in teaching history)
National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Law Education
Fundamentals of Spirituality (Spirituality, History of World Religions)
Law Subjects (Civil Law, Theory of State and Law)
Graphic arts and engineering graphics in the direction of education
Fine Arts and its Teaching (Qalamtvirvir)
Engineering Graphics Training (Geometric Projection Drawing)
Pedagogy and psychology education
Pedagogical Teaching Methods, History and Theory of Pedagogy
Psychology Teaching Methods, General Psychology
In the direction of music education
Instrument Ensemble, Instrument Playing
Theory and Methods of Teaching Music, Leading
Russian Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature in Foreign Language Groups
The current Russian language, the theory and methodology of teaching Russian language
History of Russian Literature, Theory and Methodology of Russian Literature Teaching
English Language and Literature in Educational Direction
Practical English course
English theory and methodology of teaching
Primary education and sports and educational work in the direction of education
Mother tongue, Mother tongue teaching methodology
Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching Methods
Pre-school education
Theory and Practice of General Psychology, Children's Psychology
Pedagogical Methods of Teaching, Pre-school Pedagogy
Physical Culture in the direction of education
Theory and method of physical culture
Theory and practice of teaching sports
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