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Kuvonov Zarif Omonboevich 
10.00.01-Uzbek language. Uzbek literature
Literary activity of Abdukadyr Khayitmetov
Khakkulov Ibrohim Chorievich doctor of philology, professor
SHaripova Nigora Nuriddinovna
10.00.01-Uzbek language. Uzbek literature
Poetics of the work of Alisher Navai “Confusion of the Righteous”
H. Boltaboev, Doctor of Philology, Professor
Sobirov Jasur Azamatovich
01.01.04 - Geometry and Topology
Surface interior geometry in Euclid spaces
Abdulaziz Artykbaev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Yorkulov Bekzod Abdugaffarovich
“05.01.10- Bundle and Information Process
Development of an integrated automated system for managing university on object-relational databases
Orifjon Zaripov, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Oblakulov Khusan Abdusayid ug‘li
11.00.02- Economic and social geography
Economic and geographical features of the development of ethnographic tourism in Navai
Komilova Nilufar Karshibaevna Doctor of Geographical Sciences
Khamroeva Dilafruz Namozovna,
“05.01.07-Mathematical Modeling. Numerical methods and applications set "Mathematical modulation. “Numerical Techniques and Software Package”
Algorithms for solving algebraic problems of eigenvalues ​​under the conditions of interval non-determinism of data
Yuldashev Ziyaviddin Habibovich, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Norbekov Azamat Ostanakulovich,
“13.00.02-"Theory and methods of teaching education" (by spheres)
Scientific features of the creation of educational portals
Ruziev Rauf Akhmadovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
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Full name of technical adviser, technical level, specialty
Isroilova Ruhshona Sunnatovna
13.00.02-Theory of training and education (Uzbek language)
Designing native language lessons in primary school
M.Kh.Makhmudov, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor
Rajabov Fakhriddin  Toshpulatovich
10.00.01-Uzbek language. Uzbek literature
Regional creativity in the Uzbek literature (XIX-XXIvv.) On pimera Nurata.
Erkinov Afondil, Doctor of Philology
Ruzieva Dilshoda Mavlonovna 
07.00.01-History of Uzbekistan
The impact of the development of industry in Navoi region on the environment. (80gg XX century - the beginning of the XXI century).
Khurshida Yunusova Doctor of Historical Sciences
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