Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Program is a high-level international education program, which is a full-fledged program for undergraduate students enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of World Consortium.
The consortium of Erasmus Mundus joint Masters programs includes:
Applicant / Coordinator: The OSM will submit project proposals on behalf of all partners. Once the Erasmus Mundus has been awarded a joint Master's program, the applicant / co-ordinator is the grand priori of the European Union and will need to consider the multi-beneficiary grant on behalf of the consortium. Its co-ordinator's role is expressed through the following functions: provision and participation in the EU Commission on behalf of the organization representative representative; Responsible for the correct implementation of the financial and legal activities of the entire project; Erasmus Mundus joint master program with other partners.
Partners: Any individual or public organization that is actively participating in the organization, implementation and evaluation of Erasmus Mundus joint Masters programs, recognized by the relevant institutions or partner countries in accordance with the provisions of the Master's Program, Diploma Supplement Program.
Non-Academic Partners: In addition, non-academic co-workers can benefit from the Master's Program.
Erasmus Mundus must provide institutional commitments required by the Consortium to support the successful implementation of all the participating organizations prior to the acceptance of the 1st Master student.
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