Head of department


Saibov Dilshod Kamiljonovich

Phone: (8 436) 225-19-37

Address: Ibn Sino street, 45 houses, 2nd floor, room 210
     Department of Spiritual and moral education - to implement the decrees, resolutions and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on establishment of spirituality, enlightenment public centers, improvement of their activity and effectiveness, In 1996, the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment was established in the institute to fulfill the set objectives. Coordinates the spiritual and educational activity of the department in the Institute. Provides methodological assistance to faculties and departments in organizing plans, arrangements and addressing programs, organizing and conducting events at the highest level. It cooperates with public organizations, groups and clubs in the institute with spirituality and enlightenment centers in regions, districts and cities, with various organizations, enterprises and institutions.Since 1997, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, "Fundamentals of Spirituality" is taught, and one-weekly days per week are defined as "Day of Spirituality" at faculties. Since 2006, every Friday of the week is held regularly.
At the institute since 2005 on the initiative of Spiritual and moral education department, the Spiritual and enlightenment council of the region annually conducts 10-day training of spiritual and educational workers of regional, city, district organizations. upgrading courses were organized.
In particular, the main directions of the spiritual and moral education of the Institute are as follows:
- Systematic coordination of spiritual and educational works; - ensuring the spiritual maturity of the individual;
- formation of religious knowledge and culture (religious tolerance); - formation of political and legal knowledge and culture;
- formation of ecological knowledge and culture;
- Formation of a healthy lifestyle and physical culture;
- Formation of ideological immunity and ideological wrestling;
- celebrating national holidays, dates and birthdays of great ancestors;
- carrying out spiritual-enlightenment work among different sections of the population;
- organizational issues related to systematical coordination of spiritual and educational works;
- activities to raise the political, legal, and cultural background of the populations;
- activities aimed at forming the ideological immunity and religious extremism, combating terrorism and ensuring security;
works on the formation of the artistic-aesthetic mindset of the children, familiarization with classical and modern masterpieces of art;
- activities in the formation of youths' sense of professional affiliation;
- activities aimed at forming a healthy lifestyle philosophy, involving them in sports and health promotion;
- work done to prevent crime among youth; Spiritual and educational, moral and educational activities conducted with students living in the hostels
The tasks of the Spiritual and moral education department are as follows:
Over the years, the Department of Spiritual and Moral Education has focused on the following:
- inculcation of ideas of national independence into the mind and heart of students, the formation of ideological immunity;
- In the works, speeches and interviews of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, widely disseminate advanced ideas and thoughts about the essence of the reforms in society, the creation of a free civil society, study and preservation of our historical, spiritual and cultural values. to do so;
- raising students' moral and ethical qualities, legal, economic, and global culture;
- constant awareness of the state of rational domestic and foreign policy, extraterrestrial, terrorism, countering drug trafficking, offense and law-abusement;
- wide propagation of the work carried out in the country on social justice and social protection;
- development of women's and children's sports, widespread promotion of healthy lifestyle and active participation in these activities;
- Encourage students to broadly promote the ongoing reforms, develop initiative, leadership, leadership skills and abilities.
He is the leader and methodologist in the department of spiritual and moral work.
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