Head of department
Mamatova Dilnavoz Ibragimovna  
E-mail: navgospi@umail.uz
Phone: +998 (436) 22-5-19-71
Address: Navoi city, Ibn Sino street 45, 3rd floor, room 15
Information about office and archive activity
The office is part of the structure of the institute and operates directly under the rector's office. The office has the following main tasks: Accurate registration, timely registration and delivery of documents to the Higher School; Ensure correct registration of outgoing documents from the university; Acceptance of documents, re-issued to the Rector, submit them to the control list for registration and submission; Sending documents for execution in accordance with the Rector's instructions; To check the documents submitted with the signature of the rector (pro-rector) and to check the correct registration; Taking into account incoming letters, printed forms of the university requisites; Putting back the executed documents into folders; Filing of completed documents for archiving.
The archive is part of the structure of the institute and is directly under the rector's control in accordance with the approved organizational structure. The archive is headed by the archive director, who is accepted by the rector's order. Archives are archives and archivist positions according to staff schedule approved by the archive. The head of the archive and its positions are based on the job descriptions approved by the rector.
The main tasks of the archive are:
Acquisition of NSPI archive organization documents
Preparation for accountability, selection, use and transfer to the State.
Returns stock register numbers to the archives and documents received;
Organizes the examination of the scientific and practical value of the documents kept in the archive, provides methodological assistance in the examination of the value of the documents during the proceedings;
Prepares documents for state registration and submits to the National Archive Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan the dates specified in the Regulations.
Organizes the use of documents and, in accordance with the established procedure, issues certificates, extracts and copies of documents from interested organizations and citizens;
Regulatory and methodological documents on documentation (instructions, recommendations, regulations, timeframe) on archiving and work taking into account the specificity of the organization
the list of documents, and others), which are in Uzbekistan
Bodies and agencies of the Uzarhiv Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan
agree with; (The item is in the edition of the Resolution of the Government of the RUz dtd 13.03.2004 N 131).
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