Head of the department:
      Shodiyev Raxmiddin Ruziboyevich
       Phone: (8 436) 225-29-93
   Information about the Marketing Services department activity
 The Department of Marketing Services of the Higher Education Institution The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan
and the Law "On Education" define decisions and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on provision of qualified branches of the economy,
acting on the basis of relevant legal and regulatory acts in the field of education. Department of Marketing Service is the rector of the higher educational institution,
which is responsible for accelerating marketing in the field of market of education services and
training in the Cabinet of Ministers № 48, dated January 28, 1998. was founded on July 1, 1998 on the basis of the Order of Ministry of Higher and
Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from February 3, 1998 № 12, and has been working on behalf of "Marketing Department".
Purpose and tasks of marketing department:
Formation of the data bank based on the study of the needs of enterprises, institutions and organizations for highly qualified personnel prepared at the university; Assisting in the development and improvement of market relations in the field of education, forming a real "portals order" for bachelors and masters alumni based on the demand for young professionals; Establish long-term and annual contracts for supplying consumers with competitive specialists; Provide specific information to the Ministry's special commission at the appointed timeframe on the current year graduates of the Ministry of Education, educational institutions (organizations), education, Increasing the competitiveness of higher education institutions in a market economy through the creation of paid educational services: Consideration of the recommendation and proposals of the young specialist on the distribution of graduates by the Consumer and Specialty Departments from the current situation; Conclusion of contracts with students or industrial enterprises studying on a contractual basis; Conclude contracts for graduates of higher education institutions (grants) to work at least 3 years at the place of employment after graduation; Employers (consumers) should be informed about the graduates of educational institutions on the directions of education (in the field of specialization) through mass media; Supporting collaboration with organizations that provide graduate students with actual employment needs and timely information on employment of graduating students is provided by relevant organizations in higher and secondary specialized education submit to the Ministry; Ensure that graduates of undergraduate and graduate specialties participate regularly in international exhibitions and job fairs; Conducting and organizing an internal report on the needs of bachelor's and master's specialties, preparing the annual report of the marketing service department.
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