Head of department
doc T.U.Utapov
E-mail: toirutapov@rambler.ru
Phone: + 99893-319-65-00
Address: Navoi, Ibn Sino Street, 45, 2nd floor
                 About the department
The department of scientific researches and scientific - pedagogical cadres is engaged in coordination and organization of activity in the institute:
- The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from July 24, 2012 of No. UP-4456 "About further perfection of the system of training and certification of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres", from the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers " On measures to improve the system of attestation of postgraduate education and highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel "dated December 28, 2012 № 365, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 29, 2012" Coordination of implementation of Resolutions 371 on faculties and departments of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
- Improving the scale and scope of the monitoring of scientific research carried out on the basis of the projects of fundamental, applied, innovative programs, contracts on the preparation of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres of the Institute, the system of attracting young people to scientific and creative activity strengthening;
- Organization of science integration with education and production (introduction of received results), Efficiency of scientific research. Implementation of the results of the research, monitoring their quality and effectiveness;
Control over the issues of doctoral dissertations and business contracts on the problems of a single science-technological problem;
Working with the status of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres, senior researchers and independent researchers;
Creation of scientific schools. Working with professors and teachers working on scientific-pedagogical staff regularly engaged in scientific work;
The results of the published scientific works: carrying out of motion monitoring of textbooks, scientific articles, monographs, licenses, patents and copyright certificates.
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