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Artikov Khamza Kahharovich


Phone: +998 94-653-56-21

Address of the center: Navoi city, Ibn Sino street 45, 1 floor

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Information about the history of the Information Resource Center at Navoi State Pedagogical Institute.

NavSPI Library was founded in 1983 in Navoi City School No 8. The library staff consisted of two librarians and library managers.
By 1990, library staff consisted of 3 librarians and two librarians. Library rooms have increased by two. The library is a book fund, which is a subscription room, where professors, students and workers are provided. The second room is a reading room, where there are conditions for independent study of professors, students and workers.
The Foundation's fund consisted of encyclopaedias, books, rare books and newspaper magazines, with over 3,000 books. By 2001, the library fund increased to 5,000 copies. The book fund of the library: 5550 in 2002, 6,105 in 2003, 6,782 in 2004, 10861 in 2005, and 14063 in 2006. Improving the organization of the library network taking into account modern requirements, the creation of new information centers on the principles of meeting the intellectual needs of the younger generation, maintaining cultural and ethical values, as well as providing a wider and systematic information to the population , the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from June 20, 2006 № 381 «About the organization of information and library provision of the population of the Republic» was made with the purpose of creation of the necessary conditions for providing. The Resolution states that the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan is responsible for the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Center for Secondary Specialized Vocational Education of OUMTV and the Ministry of Public Education creation of information and resource centers at the higher and secondary special educational institutions and general education schools.

Based on this Decree, 13 libraries belonging to Karmana district NCOs have been united with the Library of NavPI, an Information Resource Center at NavPIP.

At the moment, the Information Resource Center with 10,2690 copies of books serves users in 8 reading rooms and 4 subscription rooms.

In addition, the Information Resource Center has 42 computers, 4 printers, 3 scanner devices and 1 video projector.

The computers are connected to Internet and ZIYONET electronic networks.

Navoi city serves students with 1 subscription room and 1 reading room at the NavPP Educational Complex and Umid Korgon city. Also, agreements were signed with Navoi city citizens' associations "Lochin", "South" and "Binokor" Mahalla, where mobile libraries were set up and library services were provided to 3209 people. The Day of Teachers and Mentors of the 1st grade, the day of giving the state language status to the Uzbek language, the state symbols, the 23rd anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, December 1, against the International AIDS Day as well as celebrations devoted to the national holidays such as Navoi holidays, Boburkhanlik, Amir Temur birthdays, Navruz and Independence festivals.

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