In recent years Navoi State Pedagogical Institute has been cooperating with foreign higher education institutions and scientific centers. In order to strengthen the scientific potential of the Institute and expand cooperation in the field of research, the institute's international cooperation has been expanded and 2017-18 the State Pedagogical University of Moscow, Tver State University, Astrakhan State University, Tolyatti State University, Lyapaya University (Latvia), Gochon State University (Korea), Kazakhstan State Women's Pedagogical University, Tajikistan's Panjikent Pedagogical Institute, Manas Kyrgyz the State Pedagogical Universities have established mutually beneficial scientific cooperation.
Under the agreement with the Tver State Pedagogical University, an additional agreement is reached on the establishment of an academic exchange program on Pre-school and Educational Management. Together with Tver State University, "Traditsii i novatsii v professionalnoy podgotovke i deyatelnosti pedagoga" , in March 2019 an international scientific-practical conference was organized. In cooperation with the State Pedagogical Institute of the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, Brest State University named after A.Pushkin, the development of the sphere of higher education, science and research, as well as teaching staff academic exchange, co-authorship, scientific-methodological publications, collaboration on organization of online lectures and conferences.
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