Moodle is a powerful educational software component that runs online learning and online lessons. There are other modules that are available on the system: Forums, Materials, Messenger, Chat, Exercises, Group work, Student tracking and much more. Like other LMSs, IMS supports SCORM and other standards. Analyzes show that Moodle is a software complex that has the most advanced plugins and other software components than other LMS systems. At present the educational process in many countries of the world is carried out using the Moodle software complex.  In addition, Moodle software complex is being used in many educational institutions in Uzbekistan as a virtual learning environment. In particular, the Virtual Educational Environment of Tashkent University of Information Technologies -, at the Open Learning Center of the National University of Uzbekistan, Center for the Development of Multimedia General Education Programs at the Ministry of Public Education - http: /, Tashkent Turin Polytechnic University - moodle. and other institutions.  The open source Moodle software complex is a Web-oriented system that manages the learning process and is intended for use on the Internet. The system was used with open source software. It is required to use a data server management software (MySQL or PostgreSQL), a PHP processor, a Web server software (Apache or IIS) server. As an operating system you can use one of the most commonly used systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Novwll Netware). At the time of writing the training module, a stable version of the system is available in Moodle 2.5. The system's official Internet site address is
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