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The main research subject of the Institute is "Formation and the socio-pedagogical essence of the human body", aimed at the following objectives of the Institute in the field of scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres and scientific research activity: o Improving the scientific potential of the faculties, departments and specialties, upgrading the body of doctors of science, increasing the effectiveness of researchers and independent researchers' institutes, accelerating training of scientific and pedagogical cadres and promoting higher education, science and industry, increasing the scientific potential on the basis of further improvement of mechanisms of innovation-friendly cooperation amongst themselves; o Formation and development of academic schools and leading scientific communities in the most important areas; o Ensuring the application of the results to the practical implementation of research findings of major researchers and researchers in the field of science and technology priorities, innovation, effective development of science; o Planning of scientific activity on the basis of scientific problems and trends of development in relevant fields; o development of innovative activities, ensuring the effective integration of science with education and production; o Further expansion of cooperation with leading higher educational institutions of the republic and abroad.



I. General Information. Dissertation subject, specialty code (scientific degree): "Improvement of theoretical bases of state support of small business and private entrepreneurship", 08.00.01 - Economics theory (economics). Information about the applicant's ability to conduct scientific and scientific-pedagogical activity: / Candidate of economic sciences /. The registration number of the dissertation is: 28.04.2016 / V2016.2.I639. Scientific adviser: Vakhabov Abdurahim Vasiqovich, Doctor of Economics, Professor. The name of the institution where the dissertation was made: Navoi State Pedagogical Institute. Name of organization in which IE operates, ID number: Tashkent State University of Economics, 14.07.2016. Official opponents: Hamroyev Odil Hamzayevich, Doctor of Economics, Professor; Mamatov Ahmatjon Atajonovich, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor; Usmanov Anvar Saidmakhmudovich, Doctor of Economics, Professor. Leading organization: Tashkent Financial Institute. The direction of the dissertation: theoretical and practical.


II. Purpose of the research: development of scientific recommendations and practical recommendations aimed at ensuring their innovative competitiveness in improving the theoretical basis of government support for small businesses and private entrepreneurship in the context of economic modernization.

III. Impossibility: A selective approach to systemic improvement of theoretical foundations of government support for CEDAW; developed a procedure for calculating and paying the tax and insurance fees of a family member registered as a family business subject to individual employment without a legal entity status; the procedure for allowing individual entrepreneurs to recruit additional workforce is developed; improved methodology for selecting small business entities to determine the number of employees defined by the selective approach based on the need to increase the efficiency of employment of graduates of vocational colleges and the priority development of high-intensity sectors; In the concept of tax legislation, the graduates of professional colleges have developed a procedure for applying strict tax and single social payment privileges in entrepreneurial activity; The CMSF has developed a methodology for establishing centers for interactivity on a single integrated system of public services that ensure the transparency and convenience of the business environment;


IV. Implementation of the research results: of a member of the family registered as a sole proprietor without the status of a legal entity, in accordance with the Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. ZRU-359 of December 11, 2013 "On tax and budget policy Taking into account the main directions of 2014, the Law "On introduction of changes and amendments to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was taken into account in the preparation of legislative acts, used in the practice of insurance and taxation (Committee of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the issues of industry, construction and trade from 12 December 2013). Based on this proposal, individual entrepreneurs are required to pay 100% of the minimum monthly wage, and the remaining family members pay 50% of their premiums, It was determined that the tax was to be payable; graduates of professional colleges have a definite taxation period (from 3 months to 6 months), from which the graduates of the professional colleges are registered and start their business as a single entrepreneur within a year after graduating from the college the proposal for the release was taken into account in 2015 from the amendments introduced to the Statute "On the procedure for calculating and paying the single tax payment with the introduction of the minimal amount of single tax payment" (Tax Committee's decision no. August 13 / 3-15588). As a result, the release of college graduates from the year 2015 by a six-month term from the date of the taxation of a fixed tax following the state registration as a individual entrepreneur within twelve months after graduating from the college, the order of payment of the fixed tax for the entire period of validity of the activity, if it has terminated its activity within twelve months;


further stimulation of youth involvement into small enterprises and the need to select the smallest number of businesses based on the necessity of priority development of high-intensity industries, the Presidential Decree 2014 was adopted by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 7, 2006 No UP-4609 "On Additional Measures for Further Improvement of the Investment Climate and Business Environment in the Republic of Uzbekistan" (Resolution of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan of April 25, 2016 / ASH-01-2542). As a result, when signing contracts with micro-firms and small enterprises graduates of professional colleges, the average number of employees was increased by 20 per cent to 50 per cent, as a result 8028 graduates were employed in micro and small enterprises; ensured the development of recommendations for the determination of the number of employees employed in light, food and building materials industries to reach 200 out of 100 established margins; increasing the efficiency of employment of young people, granting additional employment opportunities to individual entrepreneurs and establishing an integrated system of government services that provides transparency and convenience of business environment in the CBRT. The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On private property, small business and the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-4725 "On measures to ensure reliable protection of private entrepreneurship and elimination of barriers to their accelerated development" (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan April 11 / ASH-01-2542). Based on these proposals, from July 1, 2015, individual entrepreneurs have the right to hire up to three out of every three workers. In case of employment of graduates of professional colleges by individual entrepreneurs, within twelve months from the date of termination of college the exemption from fixed tax payment for hired workers was ensured; Integrated services provided by government agencies to SMEs have created a macro, meso and micro-level innovative system of support for private entrepreneurship and led to the creation of Single Window Centers in the regions.

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