Information about the dissertation defense at the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute during 2018
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Scientific advisor
Ernazarova Manzura Saparboevna
Primary education
10.00.01-Uzbek language

The grammatical meaning is in the integrity of linguistic and pragmatic factors
18.12.2018 y.
Mengliev Baxtiyor Rajayuovich
Khamroev Komoliddin SHokhobiddinovich
Methods of teaching chemstry
02.00.14- organic matter technology and materials based on them
The properties of the technology for obtaining the derivatives of 4 (NR-amino) -buten-2-ol-1 and their use
30.07.2018 y.
Muxiddinov Baxodir Faxriddinovich
Allaberdiev Alijon Avazberdievich
Uzbek language
10.00.01-Uzbek language
Bukhara dialect lexicon
15.11.2018 y.
Madvaliev Abduvahob Paxatovich
Botirova Adiba  Erkinovna
Primary education
10.00.01-Uzbek language
Functional-syntactic analysis of the primary and secondary functions of word groups in Uzbek language
07.12.2018 y.
Eltazarov Jo‘liboy Danaboevich
Narzikulova Dilnoza Xashimjonovna
Pedagogy and Psychology
13.00.01- Theory of Pedagogy. History of pedagogical education

Improvement of professional skills of pedagogical conflicts in the conditions of informatization of education
21.12.2018 y.
Ibraimov Xolboy Ibragimovich
Kandaxarov Anvar Xasanovich

National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Law Education
07.00.01- History of Uzbekistan
The role of Karmana Sheikhs in the 16th century in the socio-political and spiritual life
21.12.2018 y.
Inoyatov Sulaymon Inoyatovich
Bekpulatov Ulugbek Rakhmatullaevich
Methods of Teaching Physics and Astronomy  
09.00.01- Ontology, Gnoseology and Logics
Symmetry and asymmetry: modern philosophical analysis
21.12.2018 y.
Safarova Nigora Olimovna
Ashurova Dilfuza Nabievna
Methods of teaching mathematics
13.00.02- Teaching and Learning Theory (Mathematics)
Problems of creating didactic complexes in e-learning system
29.12.2018 y.
Yuldoshev Ziyaviddin Habibovich
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