The activity of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute Council

        The Council of the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute is the supreme body of the institute.  It operates on the basis of the "Model Regulations on the Academic Council of Higher Education", approved by the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized  Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 3, 2011, No. 487.The Council consists of the rector, vice-rectors, heads of departments, deans of faculties, heads of departments producing specialists, representatives of public organizations, leading scientists, heads of network institutions, heads of partner organizations. The membership is approved every five years by the order of the rector.Changes and additions to the Council of the Institute are made at the beginning of each academic year depending on the structure of the Institute and changes in managerial positions. The structure of the Council of the Institute was amended in accordance with paragraph 2 of the "Regulation on the Academic Council of the Higher Educational Institution" by the decision of the meeting № 2 of October 5, 2019 № 2/6.  At present there are 50 members of the Institute Council.The Council is chaired by the Rector of the Institute and its work is carried out by the Secretary of the Council. The Council operates through monthly meetings (extraordinary meetings may be held if necessary).The agenda of council meetings is approved at the last meeting of the previous academic year for the new academic year.The Council's annual plans include issues related to its activities. Plan issues are discussed at each meeting and appropriate decisions are made. Among the various issues of the plan are the issues related to the current activities of the Institute and relevant decisions are also made. The rector's orders are issued on certain decisions. The Secretary monitors the implementation of the Council's decisions.The agenda of the monthly meetings of the Council includes the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Chambers of Oliy Majlis, decrees, decisions and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, the resolutions and instructions of the Board, decrees, orders and resolutions of Navoi region and Navoi city Khokimiyats , as well as the decisions and rector's orders of the Institute's Council, are discussed and monitored.At the beginning of each academic year, the Institute's annual plans are approved and at the end of the academic year the annual reports are discussed. At the meetings of the Council information and reports on the main activities of the Institute on educational, educational and methodical, youth work, spiritual and educational, scientific research and innovation are discussed.The activity of all faculties of the institute such as  educational and methodical , youth work and spiritual-educational, scientific research and innovation is studied by the commission established by the rector's order and discussed in the Council.The agenda of the Council of the Institute also includes strict implementation of state educational standards, curricula and programs, work on faculties' educational, spiritual and educational, scientific research and innovation, monitoring of employment of graduates, logistical support of the institute, state of educational buildings, and the provision of new laboratories Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from February 10, 2006 of No. 20 Uzbekistan “On the procedure of competitive recruitment of teachers to higher education institutions” amended and supplemented by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 25, 2015 No. 246, June 2, 2017, No. 347, November 8, 2017, No. 898 and February 28, 2019 ,According to the requirements of the Regulations, the Board of Directors, professors, associate professors, senior lecturers and lecturers are selected for the Board. The competence of the Council is also to approve the topic of the doctoral dissertation and the publication of textbooks and teaching materials to the Coordinating Council of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

          The staff of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute Council

1.Daniyarov Bakhtiyor Khudayberdievich - Rector of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, Chairman of the Council

2.Kushakov Abduvali Jabborovich - Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor, member

3.Hodzhiev Sodik Oltievich - Vice-Rector of Research and Innovation, Associate Professor, member

4.Kurbanov Khurshid Raupovich - Vice Rector of Youth Affairs, Ph.D., member

5.Tursunov Hasan Kholmuminovich - Vice Rector of Financial and Economic Affairs, Member

6.Izbosarov Bahriddin Fakhriddinovich - Chairman of the Public Council of the Institute, Ph.D., Associate Professor

7.Yahyoev Bakhtiyor Turdibaevich - Lawyer of the Institute

8.Ruzikulov Fakhriddin Rasulovich - Rector of  PESPD and PDI of Navoi region, associate professor, member

9.Mukhammadkulov Fazliddin Bobomurodovich - Director of Academic Lyceum NavSPI, member

10.Utapov Toyir Usmanovich - Head of Scientific Research and Training Department, Ph.D., member

11.Samandarov Javlon Iskandarovich - Head of Monitoring and Internal Control Department, teacher, member

12.Kholmirzaev Nuriddin Abdullaevich - Head of Educational Department, Senior Lecturer, Member

13.Murodova Nodira Kulievna - Head of Masters Department, Professor, member

14.Bekmurodov Normurod Rashidovich - Chairman of the Union Trade, member

15.Kuvondikova Dilbar Ergashevna - Chairman of the Women's Committee of the Institute , professor associate

16.Fayziev Fakhriddin Tokirovich - Secretary of the Council, Senior Lecturer, member

17.Shodiev Rahmiddin Ruziboevich - Head of Orders Portfolio, Alumni Employment and Monitoring Division, member

18.Musaev Erkin Khalilovich - Head of Educational Quality Control Department, Senior Lecturer, member

19.Ruziev Ilhom Irisovich - Head of Special correspondence department

20.Askarov Ulugbek Ibragimovich - Head of Human Resources, member

21.Artikov Hamza Kakharovich - Head of Information Resource Center, member

22.Umarov Nodirbek Nasirdin o'g'li - Leader of the Institute of Youth Union of Uzbekistan, member

23.Kamolov Ihtiyor Ramazonovich - Dean of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty, Associate Professor, Member

24.Jumaboev Bahodir Erejepovich - Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, associate professor

25.Karshiev Rustam Mardonovich - Dean of the Faculty of History, associate professor, member

26.Erdonov Zafar Daminovich - Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Senior Lecturer, member

27.Jumaev Zafar Khamdamovich - Dean of the Uzbek language and literature faculty, member

28.Hudoyorov Shukhrat Jumakulovich - Dean of the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education, Candidate of Physics and mathematical Sciences, member

29.Rakhimov Otabek Davlatovich - Dean of Pedagogical Faculty, senior teacher, member

30.Haydarov Sobir Nosirovich - Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Senior Lecturer

31.Safarova Nigora Olimovna - Head of Social Sciences Chair , PhD, Associate Professor

32.Abjalilov Sanoqul Khujamovich - Head of Methods of Teaching Mathematics Chair, PhD, member

33.Khalilova Muhabbat Ruzmuradovna - Head of Pedagogy and Psychology Chair, candidate of pedagogical sciences, member

34.Murodova Dilfuza Jurakulovna - Head of General Pedagogy and Psychology Chair, PhD, member

35.Yusubova Rano Norboevna - Head of the Uzbek Language Chair, PhD, member

36.Ibragimov Alimjon Artikboevich - Head of Informatics Teaching Methods  Chair, PhD., Associate Professor, Member

37.Ahmedov Ahat Akhrorovich - Head of Methods of Teaching of Physics and Astronomy Chair, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor

38.Yuldashov Murod Hudargonovich - Head of Methods of Teaching Biology Chair, Candidate of Technical Sciences, member

39.Davlatova Rano Haydarovna - Head of Preschool Education Chair, Candidate of Philology, member

40.Suyunov Husniddin Miltikboevich - Head of Uzbek Literature Chair, Ph.D., member

41.Hasanova Saodat Kayimovna - Head of the English Language and Literature Chair, Senior Lecturer, Member

42.Mirzaev Uktam Oripovich - Head of Music Education Chair, Senior Lecturer, Member

43.Hayitov Zafar Uzoqovich - Head of the Chair of National Ideas, Spirituality and Legal Education, Associate Professor, Member

44.Azzieva Elzara Ernestovna - Head of Russian Language and Literature Chair, Associate Professor, Member

45.Ernazarova Manzura Saparboevna - Head of Primary Education  Chair , Associate Professor, Member

46.Hodzhiev Sherali Suvonovich - Head of Physical Culture Chair, Senior Lecturer, Member

47.Aminova Aziza Marksnovna - Head of History Teaching Methods Chair, Ph.D., member

48.Hamroiev Kamoliddin Shahobiddinovich - Head of Methods of Teaching Chemistry Chair, PhD, Member

49.Musaev Otabek Kudratovich - Head of Interdisciplinary Physical Culture Chair, Member

50.Khalilov Akmal Sattorovich - Head of Foreign Languages ​​Chair


Note: Changes made to the Council  of the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute for the 2019/2020 academic year were approved by the Council of the Institute on October 5, 2019, no.


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