Daniyarov Bakhtiyor Khudayberdiyevich
  Recieving time: From Wednesday 14:00 until 17:00
  Phone:(0436) 225-19-30


Functions of the rector
   The Rector of the Institute is fully responsible for the internal order of the institute, for scientific work, and also for the duties prescribed by the statutes. On behalf of the institute, the rector conducts work, referring to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, participates as a representative in the affairs of all organizations and educational institutions, and is responsible for the institution's membership, makes contracts, gives power of attorney, opens bank accounts of the institute, and orders rational use of financial savings. The powers of the Rector of the Institute include:
Pro-rector of educational operations
  doc.Kushakov Abduvali Jabborovich
  Recieving time: From Wednesday 14:00 until 17:00
  Phone:+998 (79) 225-19-26


Pro-rector of spirituality and enlightenment operations

t.f.n.Kurbanov Xurshid Raupovich

Tel: +998 (90) 619-11-44





Pro-rector of scientific operations
  c.b.s.Khujjiyev Sodik Oltiyevich
  Recieving time: From Thursday 14:00 until 17:00
  Phone:+998 (98) 7787786  +998 (79) 225-19-23


        Pro - rector of financial and economical operations
 Tursunov Xasan Xolmuminovich 
Tel: +998 (90) 501-67-57  +998 (79) 225-19-27 
 E-mail: tursunov_




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