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In the department of Russian language and literature
Course work done in 7 semesters
According to the curriculum in the department of Russian language and literature in the 7th semester Russian language and literature education direction 4 "A" and 4 "B" students in the " Современный русский язык " from 2016. February 15, 2016 students of Russian language and literature groups of the Russian language and the 4th group of students of the 4th group "Russian Literature History". February 13 defended their course work. The defense of course work is made by the experienced teachers of the department: doc. On the subject " Современный русский язык ". Jumaeva F.R., doc. Akhmedova RJ, senior lecturers: Halikova GI, Dustov T.R., Mardonova F.B .; From the "Istoriya russkoy literatury" pf.f.d. Yusupov TJ, doc. Rakhmanova A.X., docent. Azmieva E.E., p.f.n. Kadirov KN, senior teacher Mirzaev HH, teachers Fazliddinov Sh.F., Akhmatova M.G., N.M. Ibragimova spent.

The topics of the course are devoted to the problems of Russian linguistics and the history of Russian literature.
Course work is evaluated according to the following criteria:
1. Qualitative completion and quality clearance of the course requirements - 40 points;
2. For the defense report - 30 points;
3. Answers to questions - 30 points;
4. Total score - 100 points.
Russian Language and Literature Instruction The students of 4th A and 4B were 49 students on the " Современный русский язык " subject:
86-100% - 11 units,
71-85% - 29,
55-70% to 9 pcs.
The following students of the "" Современный русский язык " have shown good results: Ismailova Elena, Turakulova Zarina, Juraeva Madina, Zaynutdinova Mahliyo, Sharipova Anelya, Ergashev Jakhongir, Khaitmuradova Maftuna, Ahtamova Dilorom.

Russian language and literature in groups of 4 groups A group of 4 "A" and 4 "B" students from 48 students on the subject "Russian Literature History" from the student: 86-100% - 4 units, 71-85% - 17, 55-70% achieved 27 points.
The level of protection of the course work has resulted in a good indicator.
Head of the Department of Russian Language and Literature: Jumaeva F.R.
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