The applicant submits the following documents to the admissions office:
- Application indicating the direction of education, language and form of training;
- The original of the medium or secondary special education document; copy of passport;
- 6 pictures in 3.5 x 4,5 cm;
- An original copy of the international and republican Olympiad, selection and competition right for unqualified entry to the prize winners;
- Applicants who have completed military service and have a military unit referral will submit the relevant recommendation to the higher education admissions committee until July 15, after which the recommendation letter will not be accepted.
The applicant submits a passport and a military service statement personally.
In the presence of the specified documents, the admission commission has no right to refuse to accept the applicant's documents.
If the applicant has been trained in Cyrillic or Latin, he / she will write the application and submit a test. The application shows the familiarity with the test procedures and rules, whether or not they have higher education. The entrant is welcomed with the receipt of the documents.
Applicants are eligible to apply for the second and following higher education on a contractual basis (Law "On Education", Article 14).
3 days before the start of the test, the applicant carefully examines the plans and plans of the premises and auditoriums, examines the location of the test object, the auditorium's registration number, and the floor.
Entrant enters the group number from the admission committee 3 days prior to the start of the test.
Entrance of entrants on the day of testing will begin at 7.30 in the morning. The applicant will personally show his passport and passport at the entrance to the building. Starting at 8.00 am, entrants enter the numbered audience according to their group number.
It is forbidden to introduce microcircuits, bells, tables, books, mobile phones and gloves in tests.
After the examinations are started (after 8.30), the entrant will not be included in the audience.
No additional tests are conducted for applicants who are not in the test.
The applicants pass the test tests in the language of instruction and in the educational material (Cyrillic, Latin).
During the exam applicants have the following requirements:
After receiving a questionnaire and answer sheet, the answer sheet carefully examines the compatibility of a question book option. In the questions of the Questions book on questions, if there are untagged places or pages for typographical mistakes or other reasons, immediately inform the auditorium's leader and receive the book of questions without defects and the answer sheet (if the applicant If you do not report an issue to the audience about 9.00 pm, your application will not be accepted.) Writes and signs his / her last name, first name and last name in the appropriate place of the questionnaire. After that, the applicant reads the answer sheet "Attention to Applicants".
When replying to the answer sheet, the applicant uses only a blue (blue) pad ballpoint pen.
It is forbidden to use Flomaster and inkjet.
The applicant subtracts and submits the title information to the appropriate section of the answer sheet.
The answers will be copied to the corresponding title and title in the title sheet.
The special code shifts the district, district, city district code, school (lyceum, college) number, educational institution and specialization codes of the graduated school from the titles page of the answer sheet and applies the circle.
Allows you to make sure that each science is selected. Applicants who take foreign language exams are required to fill the appropriate language.
Only one answer is assigned to each test question. If two or more answers are selected for a single question, the question will not be answered. 3 hours for 108 questions and 2 hours for 72 questions for selecting answers.
Optional. The applicant submits the answers he / she selects according to the corresponding block of the answer sheet. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the test.
The replies are the main document determining the applicant's level of knowledge. The applicant is personally responsible for completing the answer sheet.
In the answer sheet there is an unclear circle on the answer sheet, which replaces the answer sheet, replaces the subject blocks, wrote the surname, name and surname of the answer sheet, the name of the institution, the unwritten signature, the number of answers to the title page, or the appeal of the applicants who have not been placed on the title.
Entrants not submitting test items during the test are not allowed to leave the audience.
Entrants leaving the audience will not be re-tested
During the test, applicants are not allowed to speak to each other, provide answers, transfer test materials, microcatchers, bells, tables, books, mobile phones and peripherals, copy test documents and help others .
If an applicant fails to comply with these rules, he / she is considered to be a malfunction of the test procedure, and an act is drawn up and tested.
The applicant, who completed the test before the deadline, issues a questionnaire, answer sheet, and title sheet to the auditor's supervisor, writing his / her last name and the number of the answer to his / her last name in the list of applicants, signatures, passports and permits, leaving the audience.
At the end of the test period, the audience leader announces it. The applicants should submit a questionnaire, answer sheet, and title sheet to the auditor's office, with the number and the number of answers to the surnames in the list of applicants, the time of the test, then all entrants will leave the audience with a simultaneous passport and a permit.
The head of the auditorium and the observer place the test items in the box, and the box entitles two entrants into the box.
The applicants may respond to the test results in the audience by placing the appropriate area on the answer sheet.
In order to examine the applications submitted by the applicants who have been tested on the tests and on the subject of the test, the Certification Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) is formed.
The Commission will include experts of the STC and experts on disciplines.
The composition of the Commission shall be approved by the Director of the State Customs Committee.
Appeals to the test questions will be considered by the commission within a month from the date of publication of test results.
Entry into the test questions will be examined in the presence of the applicant. During the application process, the applicant's parents have the right to participate in the identification document. The entrant will arrive at the commission on the day determined by the passport and the permit.
During the application process, an applicant's answer sheet is displayed and a test question has been tested together with a list of incorrect answers, along with a list of questionnaires that are included in the test.
Based on the results of consideration of the appeal a protocol shall be drawn up and signed by the members of the Commission and the applicant.
Information on the Commission's conclusion is submitted to the State Commission for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Abiturient has the right to appeal to other agencies requesting protection of his / her rights.
Vehicles forbidden to enter the building
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