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Rector's Reception


The material and technical base of the dormitory consists of: 5 beds in each section, 5 bedside tables, 2 tables and 5 chairs for students to prepare lessons, 2 wardrobes, carpets and curtains. Each floor has two kitchens. , each kitchen is equipped with 4 electric hobs and two refrigerators. There is also a room with 8 washing machines and 27 rooms with irons and ironing equipment. The building is equipped with appropriate fire safety equipment on all floors to ensure technical and fire safety.

  • There are spiritual rooms, an information resource center and computer rooms in the dormitory, which provide students with all the necessary facilities.
  • Each section of the residence has bathrooms, hot and cold water, and bathrooms. The kitchens have refrigerators, electric stoves. The condition of all rooms is in demand.
  • The building is not connected to the gas network, and all electrical appliances in the kitchen are in working order. The building is under constant control. The building has spare exit doors and has been repaired. The basement and roof are in good condition and have been repaired and locked.
  • Student access to the building is controlled and a passport system is in place. Internal discipline – compliance with the rules of discipline and agenda is monitored by management.
  • Responsible persons have been appointed to the attached areas, and cleaning work has been supervised.
  • In addition to the full participation of students in household chores and public hashars, Saturdays are held every Saturday of the week.
  • Toilets are cleaned daily with special care, with special care. There is a special place for running water and waste disposal. All available electrical networks and equipment are in good condition.
  • Bathrooms: All bathrooms are equipped with shelves for hot and cold water, towels and clothes hangers, soap and other items. The condition of the taps is at the required level, and the drainage of the sinks is controlled to be in working condition.
  • Bathrooms: The showers in the bathrooms are separate and there are changing rooms with lights. There is daily control over the sanitary cleanliness and temperature of the rooms.
  • A special women’s hygiene room is available in each section of the dormitory and is equipped with appropriate equipment.
  • Kitchen: The student kitchen has all the facilities for cooking and has been renovated. Responsible persons have been appointed to inspect the cleanliness and other aspects of the kitchen.
  • Availability of medical department: There is a medical room in the dormitory, which is equipped with 24 types of first aid kits.
  • In the building: – Availability of a common kitchen: A kitchen for 400 students (summer with 200 seats, winter with 200 seats) is available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The kitchen building has been completely renovated. The kitchen is equipped with kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, electrical appliances, dishes, depending on the type of food. Food prices and sanitation are monitored. – In the dormitory of the Institute there are rooms “Spirituality and Enlightenment”, in the dormitory room “Spirituality and Enlightenment” is equipped with modern equipment, TV, DVD, presentation equipment, newspapers and magazines, art. and popular literature, works of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, state symbols (flag, coat of arms and anthem) with full recommendations. There are also exhibitions dedicated to the ideas of national independence, reflecting the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of our people. provided with fiction and popular literature. More than 100 conferences, roundtables, question and answer evenings on various topics were organized among the students living in the dormitory.
  • Rooms enriched with recreational facilities such as upholstered furniture, aquarium fish, and television will serve students.
  • Gymnasiums: The dormitory has gyms for students, and all conditions and facilities are created for sports games such as mini football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, so that students can have a good time after school.
  • Students’ living rooms are equipped with carpets, curtains, beds, wardrobes, desks and chairs for lessons, bedding (sheets, pillows, sheets, etc.), personal lockers. There are also shelves for storing personal shoes. .Sanitary and entrance books and door locks are in working condition.
  • Entrance and exit controls are very strict and there is a list of all students at the time. There is also a guest book and a key box.
  • The dormitory is regularly staffed on regular and public holidays, and the duty books are fully maintained. There are also plumbers and electricians on duty to prevent and eliminate emergencies. The duty book is controlled by the management. Competitions among students living in the dormitory on various topics: “The most active propagandist of the year”, “The best coach”, “The most active academic group”, “The best dormitory”, “Scholar of Presidential Works”, “Best Bachelor”, “Best Master”, essay, poster, video contest, WEB page contest, quizzes, “Cheerful and clever”, “What? Where? When?” intellectual game, competitions such as “The best essay”, “The best poem”, “The best art reading”, “The best national performance”, “Days of the department”, “Days of the faculty”, Events such as “Days of Culture of the countries where the language is studied”, “Parents’ Day” were held. The students spoke “You” as a sign of mutual respect in the dormitory, and became like brothers and sisters. There are also strict night and day shifts during the holidays. – In addition to the existing conditions in the dormitory, there are sewing, cooking, computer, chess, checkers clubs and a beauty salon for students to spend their free time productively.