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Questions on academic affairs

What is the order of the midterm and final exams for the students this academic year?

At present, distance learning courses organized on the basis of the dits.uz platform, created by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, are carried out by passing tests based on themes. In this case, the test questions for students are presented and the scores are evaluated and recorded electronically.

Is there a re-assessment procedure for students who are dissatisfied with their midterm scores?

In order to take the midterm tests on the distance learning platform, students will need to fully master the lectures and assignments. It is not difficult for a student to master the intermediate control questions. There were several opportunities to repeat the tests.

I live in a remote area of Uchkuduk district. I'm trying to master the lessons. However, due to the lack of Internet access, the ability to conduct regular (daily) classes through a built-in platform is limited. So how much of my attendance is taken into account?

Indeed, there are interruptions in the use of the Internet in remote desert areas today. The educational platform records the daily attendance of students. However, there are no set deadlines for students to use the curriculum for their convenience. Therefore, it is necessary to try to master the subjects in a timely manner.

We hear about the remote submission of the final control work. It is envisaged what procedure will be followed in this regard.

Tests for final control are also administered through a distance learning platform, such as Midterm.

Does the electronic submission of final examinations and their grades have an impact on the next scholarship?

Of course, during the holidays, students are required to submit and evaluate all types of controls in the form of distance learning. It is also planned to take final examinations for students in the specialty for the convenience of students. In this case, some subjects can be formalized depending on the results of the study of the specialty. In this case, of course, the distribution of scholarships is determined by the assessment.

Can I be expelled if I miss 74 hours of classes due to my inability to access the daily platform using distance learning?

As mentioned above, distance learning requires the acquisition of science through a platform. For students who are unable to master the subjects on time, they can study distance learning in the summer months in places not far from where they live, such as vocational schools or institutions where the opportunity arises, using the Internet. opportunities for continuation and completion will also be created.

I am a graduate student. How do I file my dissertation and in what order can I defend it?

This issue has now been clarified. It is planned that the student will defend his dissertation in the form of an online (remote) presentation. The student prepares the dissertation in collaboration with the attached supervisor, sends the electronic version to the supervisor, receives the conclusion of the supervisor and submits the dissertation online. Its registration is carried out by the scientific adviser and the department.

Will our carnatin-suspended training continue after quarantine?

All types of this academic year are distance learning. No student may be invited to a higher education institution. Suspended internships will be moved to the next academic year.

I got a book from the library. I am a graduate student. Can I graduate from the institute even if I don’t return my books?

If you get a book from the library, you can finish the school year. However, a graduation diploma or graduation certificate will not be issued. Please note that after the quarantine, you will be presented with graduation documents after you submit your books to the library.

I am studying for a master's degree. Am I a graduate? How to organize diploma defense.

State certifications for master’s specialties are also available online remotely. Opportunities will be created for the defense of master’s dissertations on the basis of presentations through electronic networks, ie through the program ZOOM.

I am currently attending daily classes. But in some cases I don’t follow the lesson schedule. For example, I'm taking a class from yesterday that I'm taking in the next few days. Does the teacher have the right to give me an "NB" in her subject?

In fact, there is a daily attendance on the distance learning platform. If you have good access to the educational platform, you will be offered a course based on the syllabus. Or we may be scared to do any of these. This is the first time such a form of education has been organized in our country, and there are still some problems to be solved. Therefore, our students are required to master the subject as much as possible until the final exam.

I transfered my studies from the Republic of Kazakhstan. What do I need to do to master the lessons as the school year begins?

In fact, students from neighboring republics have been transferred to many universities, including the Navoi State Pedagogical Institute. They also have the opportunity to continue their education through a distance learning platform. The names, surnames, courses and information of these students are currently included. They contact the deans of the faculties or the group coaches and ask for their logins and passwords. They will have to keep studying.

I also transferred from a higher education institution in Kazakhstan. But I couldn't bring my documents. Am I accepted as a student?

At present, like all higher education institutions, more than 400 students have been transferred to our institute by the order of the Ministry. An order has been issued for them to recommend reading. However, this does not mean that the student was accepted. We have now sent official letters to higher education institutions in neighboring countries with official letters stating that each relocated student has actually studied at that institution, and if so, the direction and course of study. Response letters are currently being received. Only students whose response letters are found to be valid will be admitted. Because there are universities in neighboring countries that we know and do not know. Therefore, it is important to note that students are admitted on the basis of documents proving that they have actually studied.

What is the procedure for transferring students for the 2020/2021 academic year?

Documents will be accepted from July 15 to August 5, 2020 (it will be possible to submit documents online); Applications will be considered and decided between August 6 and August 30. Changes in the timing of the transfer process due to current quarantine measures will be announced on the official website of the Ministry (www.edu.uz) and the telegram channel (@ edu.uz).

Immigrants from neighboring countries are recommended for lower courses. Is this true?

When transferring students to higher educational institutions of the Republic, when the differences in the standard curricula on general and specialization (specialty) disciplines exceed 4, it is not allowed to transfer students to a particular course, and accordingly the student it may be advisable to continue the winter in the lower course.

How are the entrance exams for the master's degree conducted and how are the results announced?

Entrance examinations for the master’s degree can be held in the form prescribed by the Regulations or in the form of tests, depending on the quarantine measures. The results of the entrance exams are published on the official websites of certain higher education institutions.

Are there any changes in the admissions process for areas of study that require special skills?

There are no changes in the deadlines for submission of documents, which are professional (creative) exams, which require special skills. Proposals are being developed to simplify the exams. Applicants are scheduled to attend the creative exam only once.

Questions on economic issues

I live in a dormitory and have paid for one year. Will there be a refund for quarantine?

Returned. Students living in the dormitories No. 1 and No. 2 of our institute and having paid their annual tuition fees will be refunded after March 16.

I am currently able to make a contract payment, but due to the remoteness of the banking institution and the introduced quarantine, I am not allowed to go there. Is it allowed to pay the contract after the quarantine period?I am currently able to make a contract payment, but due to the remoteness of the banking institution and the introduced quarantine, I am not allowed to go there. Is it allowed to pay the contract after the quarantine period?

Of course. In the age of digital technology and the digital economy, it is now possible to pay contracts electronically via software downloaded to phones. You can learn more about the Institute’s account and payment options on our website nspi.uz.

Are there contract deadlines for the academic year?

Of course. This period is delegated to the rector of the institute, and the payment period is required until the end of the academic year. This school year is in abbreviated form and is scheduled to end by June. It should also be noted that the completion of this academic year is determined by the fact that the contract funds are paid in full for the academic year. It is important to keep in mind that a student will not be transferred to the next course if the contract is not paid in full by the end of the academic year.

The university says graduate students must pay the contract. I heard that if not paid, the student will not be included in the final examinations and will not be awarded a diploma. Is that right?

As mentioned above, students who do not pay the full amount for the academic year during the quarantine period will not be expelled. This also applies to graduate students. Each higher education institution has the authority to extend the contract period independently, depending on its financial capacity. Based on the above, graduate students who do not pay in full may be conditionally included in the final examinations as an exception, but they are required to graduate from a higher education institution after making a full payment for the academic year. An appropriate diploma will be awarded.

Questions on scientific affairs