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uzruenDistance education  Attention!!! The site works in a test mode!
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Navoi branch of the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute named after Nizami was established by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the former USSR No. 1392 of July 25, 1983, the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek USSR and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan No. 455 of July 27, 1983. By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 28, 1992 it was granted the status of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute. There were 2 faculties (Physics and Mathematics, Uzbek language and literature) in the institute.

Fan doktori, professorlar2%
Fan nomzodi, dotsentlar21%
Katta o’qituvchi va asistent o`qituvchilar76%
Ilmiy darajali professor-o’qituvchilar salmog’i23,1%

The Charter of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute and the Institute structure of 2018 was approved by the Appendix to the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 5, 2017 No. 897. By the decision of “Yagona darcha” of Navoi city dated December 28, 2017 No. 30 the Charter of the Institute was duly registered in the State Register.

The structure of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute was formed as follows: Rector, Council of the Institute, Public Council, Vice-rectors, Educational and Methodical Department, Information Technology Center, Magistracy Department, Information Resource Center, Extramural Department, Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Enlightenment, Department of Scientific Research, Innovations and Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Staff, Department of International Cooperation, Editorial and Publishing Department, Department of Commercialization of Scientific and Innovative Developments, Department of Planning and Finance, Department of Quality Control of Education, Human Resources Department, Department of Monitoring and Internal Control, The Office and Archive, Graduate Employment and Monitoring Department, Faculties (Physics and Mathematics, Natural Sciences, History, Uzbek Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Arts, Preschool and Primary Education, Physical Education).

Navoi State Pedagogical Institute has 6 campuses located in different city areas. There are 8 educational buildings for 4370 seats, 3 student dormitories, 3 outdoor sport facilities, 2 gyms, 2 student cafeterias in the educational buildings of the institute. At present, there are 240 classrooms, laboratories and computer classrooms, of which 145 are lecture rooms, 32 are seminar rooms, 30 are computer classrooms, 24 are store-rooms, 9 are laboratories. There are a total of 9 chemistry and biology labs on the M.Tarobiy street, 134 and physics labs on the Janubiy street, 1.

The number of students:

At present, there 8 faculties and 24 departments. The Institute trains highly qualified specialists in 27 bachelor’s and 17 master’s programs. The total number of students of the Institute is 10140:

7755 full-time undergraduate students
180 graduate students
1152 external students
1053 students in special external education

The academic staff:

The total number of academic staff working at the Institute is 453, including 9 Doctors of Science, professors (1.9%), 96 Candidates of Science and associate professors (21.2%), 348 senior teachers and assistant teachers (76.9%). The proportion of professors and teachers with a scientific degree at the institute is 23.1 % of the total number.


Jami ta'lim oluvchilar
Kunduzgi bo’limida (bakavrlar)
Sartqi bo’limida (bakavrlar)
Maxsus sirtqi bo’limida (bakavrlar)